ya lun & yu shan! <3

ya lun & yu shan! <3

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taipei dreamin’ series; aaron’s stupidity |◆gif by dearaaronyan

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Aaron & Yu Shan wishing all a merry christmas by singing Eason Chan’s 聖誕結

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Aaron Yan Event | Insomnia Concert Asia Tour - Chengdu (20131123) birthday special

Seeing it was 3 days after Aaron’s official birthday, the concert crew decided to give Aaron a birthday surprise at his Insomnia Concert tour stop in Chengdu. After Aaron had finished watching the clip which puddings specially prepared for his birthday on the big screen, Yu Shan of Popu Lady came bouncing out with a birthday cake!

His first birthday wish was to hope for everyone who was there on that day to be healthy and happy. Puddings interrupted his 2nd birthday wish and requested him to hurry and get married. But in the end, he wished that he could continue to stay with puddings for the coming 8 years. ♡

// Keep up-to-date with Aaron’s events schedule here.

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Goodmorning with my loves.. Buddy and vangie. :) #pets #instacats

Goodmorning with my loves.. Buddy and vangie. :) #pets #instacats

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